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Oracle and HP Trade Barbs in Court Filings

With all the attention being paid to its patent and copyright infringement against Google over the use of Java in the Android operating system, it might be easy to forget that Oracle has another big lawsuit simmering against another tech giant: Hewlett-Packard.

HP sued Oracle over what it says is an agreement to continue to create software that will run on HP systems running Intel’s Itanium chip, an agreement that HP argues was struck as part of the settlement that ended a suit stemming from former HP CEO Mark Hurd’s joining Oracle in 2010. Oracle, for its part, has argued that Intel plans to phase out the Itanium chip, a specialized server chip that never saw any real success in the marketplace, in order to focus more on its mainstream Xeon line of server chips and has only been producing them because HP has been paying it to do so.

The pair lobbed dueling filings at each other yesterday. In Oracle’s filing, which is the first of the pair embedded below, its lawyers accuse HP of trying to have the court write the contract it says it never agreed to in the first place: “HP has now been forced to admit that the fuzzy, feel-good language in the Reaffirmation Provision would fail as a porting contract on its own — unless the Court supplies numerous detailed terms inferred from the parties’ course of dealing.”

In the second of the two filings embedded below, HP makes the point that Hurd, once HP’s CEO and now Oracle’s co-president, had previously worked with Intel on Itanium-related matters. The key quote from the introduction:

“When asked point blank at his deposition whether it was misleading for HP not to publicly disclose the ICA [Itanium Collaboration Agreement], Oracle’s Co-President stated definitively: “No.” Thus, to prevail on its false advertising claims, Oracle must establish that its own Co-President was responsible for a fraudulent scheme while he was the CEO at HP, and that Mr. Hurd perjured himself at deposition. Although, and somewhat incredibly, Oracle recently stated on the record in response to this Court’s question that Mr. Hurd was part and parcel of this alleged scheme and pattern of lying, Oracle has no evidence to support this claim against Mr. Hurd. In any case, the fact that Oracle is even going down this path against its current Co-President reveals the absurdity of its entire claim.

Here, you can read them in the original, Oracle’s first:

Oracle Reply Msa 1599529

And now HP’s filing:

HP Reply in Support of Cross Claim MSJ

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