Outfit7’s Talking Friends Apps to Star in Disney Web Series

Outfit7’s lovable characters, found in a variety of mobile apps, will be hitting the small screen as part of a partnership with Disney.

The collaboration is part of a broader trend of characters from mobile games being turned into brands that can be used by Hollywood in made-for-Web TV series.

This time it is OutFit7’s turn.

The game maker is behind such characters as Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ben the Dog and other Talking Friends, which will be used by Disney Interactive Media Group. The series will run on Disney.com, Disney’s network on YouTube, and will be accessible through the Talking Friends mobile apps.

In the apps, the animals serve as virtual pets, which respond to your touch. You can pet them, poke them or grab their tail. A popular activity is recording videos of the pet and sending messages to friends.

Before this, Disney leveraged Swampy the alligator from its “Where’s My Water?” iPhone app to make videos for YouTube. Disney and Google collaborated on that partnership and others, spending a combined $10 to $15 million for the clips. Obviously, studios are still a bit reluctant to spend even more money on turning apps into a major motion picture.

The Talking Friends franchise by Outfit7 is not talked about as much as Rovio’s Angry Birds, but it has global reach, resulting in more than 390 million downloads worldwide. It also has a big following on YouTube, making the video partnership all that more logical. For example, the Talking Friends franchise has more than 750,000 user-generated videos uploaded to YouTube that have been viewed more than 354 million times.

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