At D10, LinkedIn Execs Discuss Being the Entrepreneur of Your Own Life (Video)

Reid Hoffman said people benefit from using LinkedIn in three ways: It allows them to be “the entrepreneur of their own life,” “the CEO of their own career” and “to be in the business of yourself.”

While those are all roughly the same thing, Hoffman was clear about what LinkedIn is not — it isn’t Facebook for professionals. That’s because LinkedIn came first.

“We started before Facebook, so, no,” said Hoffman, the co-founder and chief executive of what might just be the most even-keeled consumer Internet company right now.

In Hoffman’s appearance with LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner at D10, the two executives covered a wide range of timely topics, from career advancement in a down economy to how the company’s IPO fared compared to Groupon, Facebook and Zynga. Here are some video highlights:

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