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Mike Bloomberg on Big Business and Big Sodas (Video)

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg beamed into D10 via satellite Thursday morning — a first for the conference. The remote feed didn’t seem to hinder Bloomberg’s ability to talk, at length, about a wide variety of topics, including his new ban on super-sized sodas, his thoughts about technology in the classroom and the reasons he’s not going to run for president — for starters, “I believe in science.”

Given that Bloomberg became a billionaire by delivering electronic data to Wall Street traders, you might expect him to be an advocate for all things digital, all the time. But that’s not entirely true.

For instance, Bloomberg is skeptical about the benefits of iPads and other devices in the schools. And while he’s happy to read stuff on his phones and tablets — he says he consumes eight newspapers a day — he’s still a big print guy. One reason: Unread issues of magazines disappear on the iPad, but a towering stack of ink-and-paper copies next to his bed compels him to plow through the back issues.

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