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Quri App Pays You to Be a Secret Shopper

Grocery shopping and buying household items can be hard on the wallet, but there’s a way to make some of that money back. And it’s not through extreme couponing.

Today at the 10th annual D: All Things Digital conference, San Francisco-based company Quri launched its secret shopper app and analytics tool for consumer product brands and retailers. At its root, Quri helps businesses monitor the way their products and promotions are being executed in a retail environment and sell more product, but it also gives consumers an opportunity to earn some extra money by being the eyes for the companies.

Currently only available for the iPhone, the EasyShift app presents users with a map of assignments, or “shifts,” that are available in their area. Shifts are typically observation-based tasks, such as photographing a product display or answering questions about stock levels, and range in pay from $1 to $20. The average, however, is between $5 and $7 for tasks that only take a few minutes to complete.

After a shift is done, Quri performs a quality check on the gathered information, and then users are paid every night through PayPal. In addition to payment, EasyShift users earn points with each task. The more points you have, the more privileges you get, such as the ability to reserve more than one shift at one time or access to higher-paying shifts.

Released to a limited number of users in eight to 10 markets since July 2011, the free app is now available to everyone through the iTunes store. During the trial phase, Quri co-founder John Mecklenburg said users earned around $50 to $100 per month, with the most active participants earning up to $800 to $1,000 a month.

For businesses, Quri provides a Web app that compiles and analyzes all the data in real time as the EasyShift participants submit their task. Companies can then filter the information by metric, market, retailer or question, and use the real-time data and photos to make sure the store display is up to their standards, check stock, learn more about shopping habits by region and more.

“Brands invest hundreds of billions of dollars every year to promote their products in stores, and they need a scalable solution to measure and optimize that investment,” said Justin Behar, co-founder of Quri. “We can check the status of products and promotions in thousands of stores within hours, providing brands and retailers with real-time, actionable data and photos, which enables them to greatly improve their in-store execution and the shopper experience.”

Quri says over a dozen brands have signed up for its service, including Nestle Dreyers. The EasyShift app was released to a limited number of users in eight to 10 markets in July 2011, but it’s now available to everyone nationwide through the iTunes App Store.

As far as Android and Windows Phone apps, the company says it will explore other platforms as they expand to more markets.

Quri, formerly known as Wiseview, was founded in late 2010 and is funded by Catamount Ventures and Simon Equity Partners.

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