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A Big Venture Round for Crowdfunding: Indiegogo Raises $15M

Kickstarter may be the best-known brand in crowdfunding, but Indiegogo now has the biggest war chest. In a new round announced today, Indiegogo now has the backing of Insight Venture Partners and Khosla Ventures.

Along with previous investors, the firms provided $15 million in Series A funding for Indiegogo, adding to $1.5 million raised last year. (Kickstarter raised $10 million in 2011.)

Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo is open to all projects, is available worldwide, and allows users to keep funding even if they don’t meet their goals (with a 5 percent additional fee). The site had earlier focused on fundraising for film projects, but is now open to any creative, cause-related or entrepreneurial idea.

The platform hasn’t had any crazy breakout hits like the $10 million Pebble watch, but it recently helped raised $325,000 for a film project called “Angry Video Game Nerd,” which was a new record. Indiegogo says it distributes millions of dollars a month.

Though today Indiegogo backers receive thanks and perks from project creators, the company is considering allowing equity investments under the new U.S. JOBS Act.

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