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I would like to get my mother a Nook Color. Are they near to releasing a new Nook Color? What are the differences with the Nook Tablet? Can’t you surf the Web with Wi-Fi on the Nook Color?


I know of no plans by Barnes & Noble to release a new Nook Color. Yes, the Nook Color can surf the Web, but it’s the lesser, and older, of the company’s two color Nooks. The newer Nook Tablet is lighter, has longer battery life, a faster processor and comes in two models, one with greater built-in memory. The Nook Color costs $30 less than the Nook Tablet with the same built-in memory.


I purchased an iPad 2 in December 2011. Today, the camera does not work. It shows the lens closed and then goes black. Today and for a couple of days past I cannot get updated emails even though I am connected to the Internet and can receive those emails on my computer. What should I do?


For years, I have stressed that digital devices should be treated like any other appliance you buy—if they malfunction, take them back, or send them back, to the merchant. There may be a simple way to get your iPad 2 working properly, but I can’t diagnose it remotely. And you don’t sound like the kind of tinkerer who would relish searching the Web for solutions and fiddling with it.

So, I would reboot the unit, plug it into a PC or Mac running iTunes to make sure the operating system is up-to-date, and, if it’s still not working right, take it to an Apple store or wherever you bought it for fixing or a replacement, especially if you bought a warranty. If you want to troubleshoot it yourself, try this website: http://bit.ly/Kd6ljz.

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