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Tap That Picture, Bro: Here’s Another Pinterest for Dudes

“Pinterest for X” clones? Plenty of those. “Pinterest for Dudes” clones? Plenty of those, too.

Still, here come John and Leo Resig, who would like you and your bros to click on Tapiture.

It’s a picture site with the same kind of pictures — oftentimes, the very same pictures — that you would see on their other site, The Chive. Except The Chive looks like the picture sites you would see before Pinterest broke out last fall. And Tapiture looks like Pinterest.

Of course it does, says Leo Resig. “If you’ve been to Pinterest at all, it’s pretty much the same layout and structure,” he says. No need to explain any more, but just in case: “Pinterest has really paved the way, for females, obviously. But we know the appetites’s there for funny photos, hot girls, interesting photos.”

Leo just launched Tapiture, but says he thinks he’ll be able to build it up quickly because he can support it via The Chive, which he says has an audience of nine million dudes (comScore says 3.8 million).

You might argue that the visual vocabulary Pinterest pioneered works particularly well for women who want to look at collections of pencil skirts, or cupcakes, or window treatments. And that there are a couple of obvious ways to turn that into a really valuable business.

You might also argue that the market for hot girl photos is pretty well saturated. And that hot girl photos sites are kind of a hard sell for advertisers.

But, whatever. Also, look: There’s an ad for Emirates airline.

By the way — does Leo Resig’s name ring a bell? This may be why: Two years ago, Leo and his brother cooked up “Jenny the HPOA” girl, a prank that entertained a lot of people on the Internet for a day.

This time around, Leo insists that Tapiture is no joke. “People are really digging it.”


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