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Mark Zuckerberg Showed Up. Next?

The burning question before 2 pm PT on Thursday afternoon was, would CEO Mark Zuckerberg show up on the company’s first earnings call?

The answer, of course, was yes. Zuckerberg was first to take the microphone, delivering a long and mostly boilerplate missive to investors and analysts.

As we already knew, Zuckerberg assured us of Facebook’s priorities: Mobile, mobile and mobile. As we saw in the numbers release earlier, MAUs and DAUs are trending heavily toward mobile devices, with more than half of Facebook’s 955 million monthly active users.

“Building great services for these devices is essential,” he said.

And yes, the company will continue its push into onboarding third-party apps into the fabric of the social network.

“We want to build the best apps.”

Now the real question: Will Zuck stick around for a healthy Q&A with analysts? His initial remarks were obviously scripted, and this sort of thing isn’t his bag.

The call is still going on, so we’ll update the post as it continues.

Update: Well, well, Zuck did indeed decide to stick around. First two questions he took were on engagement, specifically with the “younger cohorts.” Zuck says yep, the kids love us.

A summary of Zuckerberg’s answers: Platform platform platform. Apps apps apps. Bring us your apps, and we’ll build you up.

He was slightly nervous, a bit stilted in his answers and obviously sticking to the platform guns. But I’ll definitely give him this: T’was was a far, far better call than when Larry Page first “dropped in” on his first earnings as CEO.

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