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Netflix Makes the Xbox a Bit More Kid-Friendly

Netflix has rolled out its “Just for Kids” feature — which makes it easier for kids to navigate through the service’s titles — for the Xbox. That option already exists for Netflix users on the Web, Sony’s PS3, Nintendo’s Wii and Apple’s Apple TV, and looks pretty similar on Microsoft’s game console:

The feature illustrates how important kids’ programming is to Netflix, even though Netflix executives sometimes shrug off questions about kids’ stuff when analysts inquire.

While they’re at it, it would be great if Reed Hastings’s team could add the feature for their iPad app, which is the primary Netflix delivery service for the ankle-biters at AllThingsD’s Brooklyn outpost.

And since we’re making requests: Lots of Netflix users would love to see the company offer some kind of option for accounts with multiple users, so its recommendation engine and title queues can keep track of different users’ tastes.

Put it another way: It doesn’t do a whole lot of good for Netflix to let me know about an episode of “Busytown Mysteries.” And my 4-year-old isn’t quite ready for “The Expendables.” The company has said it will test a solution for this later this year, but hasn’t committed to rolling it out to all customers.

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