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Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button Becomes a Showcase for Google Properties

Ever willing to add cutesy “Easter egg” features to its properties, on Thursday Google tweaked the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on its front door, the option that fetches immediate results based on your search queries. Now, scrolling over the button leads to other types of “feelings,” which return various nerdy results.

It’s cute, yes. But it’s also a clever way Google is showing off the various projects it has cooking. Sneaky, sneaky Google.

Example: Scrolling over the button turns up different emotions like “I’m Feeling Puzzled” or “I’m Feeling Wonderful” or “I’m Feeling Artistic.” When I clicked on “I’m Feeling Hungry,” Google immediately served up a list of nearby restaurants, complete with its recently launched Google+Local Zagat ratings service, like so:

Similarly, feeling puzzled served up the “Google a Day” site, while feeling trendy took me to a list of Google’s current hot searches page.

Now, despite my reliance on it as my one and only search engine, I haven’t visited Google.com in longer than I can remember. There’s little reason to: Many browsers have built-in Google search directly from the address bar.

But Google.com still gets massive traffic to the front door — close to 200 million monthly uniques, according to Quantcast. So even if I’m not using it, a heck of a lot of others are. Sticking a button on the front door that cycles through Google’s less prevalent properties is a smart way of trying to look quirky.

Here’s a few examples of Google sites the new button serves up:

“I’m Feeling Trendy”

“I’m Feeling Wonderful”

“I’m Feeling Doodley”

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