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After Its Big Court Win, Apple Seeks Ban on a Bunch of Samsung Phones

Now that a jury has found in its favor, Apple is aiming to have a sales ban put in place on a number of Samsung phones.

The move, which was expected, comes just one business day after a jury found Samsung liable of infringing on a number of Apple’s protected designs and features, and awarded Apple more than $1 billion in damages.

As noted by FOSS Patents, Apple is seeking an injunction on at least eight of the products that the jury found to infringe on one or another of Apple’s intellectual property holdings. The phones include several flavors of the popular Galaxy S II, as well as the Verizon Droid Charge.

Apple also wants a ban on products similar to those in question, a request that could strike even deeper, should the judge extend the injunction to any newer models.

Judge Lucy Koh has set a hearing for next month to deal with a number of matters, including Apple’s requests for injunctions and other penalties, and Samsung’s inevitable request to have the verdict tossed.

Samsung, meanwhile, is aiming to have one existing sales ban overturned — the one that Koh placed in June on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The jury found that the tablet did not infringe on an Apple design patent, so Samsung is seeking to have the ban lifted, and to be compensated by Apple for sales lost while the injunction was in place.

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