TV Commercial Shows Off New Kindle Devices Before Amazon Does

Amazon jumped the gun a little, showing off some of its new devices during a commercial that aired during tonight’s NFL season opener.

As first noticed by The Verge, the commercial shows off some of the devices that have been rumored to be announced at Amazon’s press conference tomorrow in Los Angeles.

For those watching closely, you may be able to spot a new e-reader with a glowing screen; the company’s current Kindle Fire (or possibly, an updated seven-inch device); and a larger-screened device — although, in my opinion, it’s being held too far away from the camera to presume that it is equal in size to the iPad.

In general, the commercial does a good job describing how Amazon is a part of your daily life, whether it’s because you ordered something online that arrives in the mail, or because you downloaded something electronically.

The narrator says: “We are the reinventors of normal. We dream of making things that change your life and then disappear into your everyday — of making the revolutionary routine.”

More live coverage coming from AllThingsD at 10:30 am PT tomorrow.

Here’s the commercial, via The Verge:

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