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Usage of Apple’s iOS 6 Hits Staggering Levels on First Day of Availability

One would expect that a significant number of people would quickly adopt Apple’s iOS 6. After all, it’s a free update, and it packs a bunch of useful features.

However, new data from Chitika shows a massive adoption in just the first 24 hours that the software was available. The firm said that, within the first day, iOS 6 peaked at more than 15 percent of Web traffic to its mobile ad network, and has remained at that level.

That doesn’t mean that 15 percent of devices are using the new operating system, since presumably those upgrading on the first day are heavy users more likely to access the Web on a daily basis. Still, it’s a staggering achievement.

By comparison, Chitika notes that the latest version of Android — Jelly Bean — achieved just a 1.5 percent adoption in its first two months.

Android, of course, uses a different distribution method, with Google making a version available to device makers who then test and customize the operating system, which must be then tested again by cellular carriers before being allowed on the network.

Past versions of iOS also gained ground fast, but not as fast as iOS 6. With iOS 5, which itself was a record-breaking launch, it took nearly three days from its release date on October 12th to reach the 15 percent threshold.

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