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Nokia Directs Disgruntled iPhone Users to Its Mobile Map Web Site

For those who don’t like the built-in maps in Apple’s iOS 6, Nokia is offering itself up as an alternative.

Of course, they’d be happiest if would-be iPhone buyers would buy one of their devices instead. But, for those who do stick with Apple, Nokia is offering up its mobile maps as an alternative.

Nokia has been offering voice-guided navigation for iOS and Android users — via the mobile Web — since earlier this year.

“Nokia Maps is award winning,” Nokia said via its official Twitter page. “There is no need to be stuck with another mapping service on your smartphone.”

Other Nokia workers have posted additional messages pointing disgruntled iPhone users to Nokia’s mobile mapping Web site.

It’s the latest move by Nokia to capitalize on the Apple Maps backlash. The company posted a blog last week touting the strength of its approach and investment in mapping as one of the selling points of its phones.

Nokia is, of course, just one of many options for iPhone owners unhappy with Apple’s new maps. Google has its own mobile maps Web site, and there are lots of companies that have native apps for the iPhone, with many offering turn-by-turn navigation.

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Just as the atom bomb was the weapon that was supposed to render war obsolete, the Internet seems like capitalism’s ultimate feat of self-destructive genius, an economic doomsday device rendering it impossible for anyone to ever make a profit off anything again. It’s especially hopeless for those whose work is easily digitized and accessed free of charge.

— Author Tim Kreider on not getting paid for one’s work