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“Goodnight iPad” Author Back With a Siri Love Story

There’s a new book out for everyone who is in a relationship with a woman. Named Siri.

David Milgrim, the author of parody kids’ book Goodnight iPad, has a new book out next month that looks at the complicated love affair between modern Americans and their gadgets.

“Siri & Me: A Modern Love Story” is not the adorable kids’ book that its predecessor was, but it does offer some funny insights into our relationship with technology as it tells its tale. “Siri & Me” is the story of a blogger named Dave and his close relationship with technology and his much more challenging interactions with carbon-based life forms.

Dave has many technology objects in his life — and more stashed in his closet — but Siri eclipses even his robot dog as his chief technology passion. On the human side, Dave’s object of affection is Iris, who has a compulsive need to photograph everything so as not to miss anything.

I am certain I am not the only techie who will see more than a little of themselves in Milgrim’s characters. There are great scenes where everyone is sitting around a table tweeting and updating their Facebook status to let all their “friends” know about their interactions.

And, since, unlike Dave, I haven’t spent all night talking to Siri, I can also feel a little bit superior. Now, to update my Facebook status …

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