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Sourcebooks Brings Shakespeare to iPad: A Post in Iambic Pentameter

Stuff that doth bring English majors delight,
Chains other students to their desks late night:
The works of Shakespeare, that prolific bard
Whose plays and sonnets make high school so hard.
Despair no more, there is an app for that!
An iBook with which students interact.
Shakesperience is the name they call it;
Each play draws 10 dollars from the wallet.

The dramas of Othello and Hamlet,
Play out with Romeo and Juliet,
On that device which many people say
Bewitches, with her Retina display:
The iPad, that fine design from Apple.
Never will another reader grapple
With the feeling they’ve been left in the lurch,
By phrases that require a Google search.

Shakesperience translates words that confuse
Into modern language one would use.
Famous faces Dench and Olivier
Appear on stage in videos of plays.
Swiping and tapping reveal even more!
These digital tomes are in the iBook store.
With apps like this, one can only assume
Bill himself would choose iPad over plume.

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Nobody was excited about paying top dollar for a movie about WikiLeaks. A film about the origins of would have done better.

— Gitesh Pandya of comments on the dreadful opening weekend box office numbers for “The Fifth Estate.”