Fab Says Mobile Makes Up Half of All Sales During Peak Hours

Some analysts are skeptical that retailers are seeing much of an impact from shopping on mobile devices.

But here’s one counterpoint: Fab.com, the quirky online retailer, said today that over the past few weekends, more than 40 percent of the retailer’s sales have come from mobile, and during some periods of the day, more than half of all sales are occurring on a phone or tablet. “I’m betting we’ll see more 50 percent-plus mobile day-parts within the next few months,” wrote Fab’s CEO Jason Goldberg.

In a blog post, the company provided an hour-by-hour breakdown of when traffic from mobile devices was the strongest. The tendencies show that mobile sales are most frequent in the morning and evening, and not surprisingly, that most PC sales occur while people are sitting in front of a computer at work.

Based on current rates, the mobile sales have nearly doubled over the past several months. In March, Fab was seeing roughly 20 percent of its daily sales coming from its mobile apps.

There’s probably at least one major reason for the discrepancy between what the analysts are saying and what Fab is witnessing — that’s scale. It takes a lot more to move the needle of a major retailer that’s already seeing a lot of traffic on its Web site than it does for a site like Fab, which was able to build a lot of organic traffic on mobile from the start. It also probably helped that Fab recently launched new iOS applications, which are more friendly to view on the iPad.

Here’s the hourly breakdown:

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