Ahead of Wii U Launch, Nintendo Shows “How U Will Play Next”

Nintendo has finally kicked off the Wii U advertising campaign, just days before its new console hits store shelves — and still, most of its marketing efforts are centralized on social media channels. The company’s new commercial, which is available on Facebook and YouTube, shows off “How U Will Play Next.”

A spokeswoman confirmed that the ad will eventually make its way to the TV, but did not provide any details on timing or what channels it would be targeting. Based on the 60-second video, it looks like Nintendo is again going after its super casual core demographic: Kids and families. The commercial goes through a number of different scenarios for how the Wii U and its new tablet controller will be used in the living room, from watching Netflix to playing games or singing karaoke with friends and family.

For now, these are just some of the ways Nintendo has imagined customers using it, but if it’s lucky, consumers will shoot videos of themselves using the new console in the home. If you recall, Nintendo has gotten a lot of free press in the past from home videos going viral. To jog your memory, check out Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit. Free advertising just doesn’t get better than that.

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