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“Saturday Night Live” Explains Twitter and Facebook Explainers

“Saturday Night Live” has tweaked Facebook and Twitter* several times before. No reason not to do it again.

Here’s a character you may have seen in real life: “Social media expert” Kourtney Barnes, who explains how Internet debates work, and why we should care.

Hey — wait a minute: Wasn’t last night’s episode of SNL hosted by Louis C.K., and wasn’t it going to be amazing?

Well, yes. And, yes, lots of good stuff. But probably not one for the ages. Also, very little in the way of Sandy stuff, which sort of makes sense, but also not.

That said, if you are a fan of C.K. and his FX show, then, hands down, this was the clip to watch:

*Of course, SNL does this in the hope that Facebook and Twitter users will help distribute its clips.

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