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Getting a Tablet With a Lot of Memory


I have a 32GB iPad 1 and need more space. I was considering purchasing another tablet but would like to get 128GB. Do you know of any tablets that offer that much capacity or if anyone is planning on coming out with one soon?


As far as I know, the most storage built into any name-brand tablet today is 64 gigabytes, which is where the iPad tops out. Many, such as Google’s new Nexus 10, stop at 32GB. However, some tablets, like Microsoft’s new Surface RT, which can be ordered with 64GB, include an expansion slot that allows adding extra memory via a microSD card. Since such cards are available in 64GB capacities for around $60, that could theoretically allow you to have a tablet with 128GB of storage. However, check first to ensure the tablet can handle that much storage. Some only can make use of cards of up to 32GB. By the way, Microsoft says the Surface RT can handle a 64GB card and the planned Surface Pro, due early next year, will include a model with 128GB.


You recently recommended PeggyBank for its ability to convert old media and place it on the Web. While interesting, I do not wish to put our old media on the Web, but would appreciate the names of the best two or three companies who could put our media on DVDs.


Well, first of all, PeggyBank itself can put your media on DVDs or flash drives. The Web vault it creates for you is free once you pay for a conversion, but you don’t have to use it. As for other companies that focus more on conversion to DVDs, I haven’t reviewed these in years, so can’t make a recommendation. But some leading ones are YesVideo, iMemories and ScanDigital. YesVideo, which performed well in a test I did in 2004, does conversions both directly and through popular merchants like Walmart, Costco, CVS and Walgreens. If you are primarily interested in putting photos, slides or negatives on DVD, a well-known firm is ScanMyPhotos.com. It also converts videotapes.

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