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This Election Day, I’m Axing My Loudmouthed Facebook Friends. Are You? (Poll)

Yes, I voted. You have, too? Fantastic. But I can’t wait for everyone with an opinion to stop typing about Election 2012.

I’ve had enough. Over the past month, I’ve systematically chopped all those whose annoying updates have populated my social streams. Asking for Obama’s birth certificate? Unfollow. Just posted a 1,500-word screed on Prop 37? De-friend. Oh, a sepia-framed Instagram of your ballot? Awesome. Delete.

Click. Click. Click. It’s liberating, I tell you.

By no means am I anti free speech. I love how the Web — and specifically platforms like Facebook and Twitter — has democratized the means of communication and activism for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. And I am more than fine with encouraging others to vote, regardless of political affiliation.

However, I draw the line at vitriolic, half-baked arguments for or against either candidate, regardless of my affiliation. Whatever happened to Lolcat pics and smart, biting commentary on the latest awful reality TV series?

I’m curious how many others feel the same, so I’ve put together a quick, informal poll asking how you’re using social media this election season. Feel free to answer in the questionnaire below.

So this season, my fellow Americans, I encourage you to get to the polling booths before they close. Vote for the candidate you believe best for the job. Tell your friends to do the same.

And then please shut up about it.

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