Zynga Reveals Another Acquisition of a Mid-Core Game Maker

Zynga is confirming today that it has acquired November Software to help expand into the “mid-core” game market.

Zynga declined to disclose terms of the acquisition, but said the team has been working on a new mid-core mobile game title called Battlestone since joining the company a few months ago.

In a blog post today, Szymon Swistun, a co-founder of November Software, wrote: “We realized we could accelerate game development by combining our team’s expertise building blockbuster console games and Zynga’s strength in building social games on a massive scale.”

Over the past several months, Zynga has become increasingly interested in building games that go after the core gaming demographic. While its original audience on Facebook was vast, the core gaming audience tends to monetize better.

In September, Zynga announced it had acquired A Bit Lucky, a small game studio also focused on making mid-core games. November’s Swistun said they’ve been working on building a cross-platform 3-D engine, focused on high-quality graphics to take combat and action to a new level on mobile.

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