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Testing the Speed of Internet Devices


When you test the Internet speed of devices, what software do you use? I just got a new tablet and want to test it.


I and some other reviewers use a free product called Speedtest.net, made by a company called Ookla. On Windows PCs and Macs, I use the Web version of the product, at speedtest.net. On Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, I use the company’s free apps, available from those platforms’ app stores. The product works on Wi-Fi and cellular networks, displays a list of your results over time, and lets you export those results in a format that can be used in a spreadsheet.


I will be traveling to Antarctica on a cruise and will fly home, with strict luggage size and weight restrictions. I would like to keep a log about my trip, download and sort pictures from my camera, and e-read during the trip. Any suggestions what computer equipment best covers these options?


An iPad would do all this, if you buy the $29 optional Camera Connection Kit. I used this combination, with a digital camera, on a trip to Paris, and it worked well. You can plug in your camera via the connection kit, or just pop in its SD memory card, and the iPad will import the photos. You can create albums, and move individual photos among those albums. And, of course, the iPad weighs very little, especially the new Mini, and is a good e-reader.

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