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Frequent Stock Traders, Motorcycle Owners and Those With Tattoos More Likely to Break Their iPhones

After crunching some numbers, gadget insurer SquareTrade has come up with an interesting list of different demographic groups that are more likely to end up with a broken iPhone.

broken iPhone

Atop the list are frequent stock traders, who are 40 percent more likely than the typical iPhone owner to report damage. Those with tattoos are apparently 25 percent more likely to have a broken iPhone, as are those who own motorcycles. (I think there may be some overlap in those two groups.)

While it’s easy to understand how a volatile stock market or riding a chopper might make one more likely to damage one’s smartphone, some of the other linkages are less clear. For instance, those who have sex more than once a week are supposedly 15 percent more likely to report a damaged iPhone.

Big households and pet owners are slightly more likely than average to report a damaged iPhone, though those seem a bit more logical.

“Who knew that people who have sex regularly also have iPhone accidents more frequently?” said SquareTrade marketing chief Ty Shay. “We were also surprised to see that stock traders and tattoo aficionados had something in common.”

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