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Twitter Blesses More Companies With “Certified Product” Stamp of Approval


Twitter on Thursday announced a new set of partners to its Certified Products Program, adding to the 12 already given Twitter’s TCPP stamp of approval.

The new folks include companies in two of the program’s key verticals: Engagement and analytics. There are nine new partners with today’s announcement, including companies like Spredfast and Sprout Social, as well as Adobe Social and Percolate.

What it means in a nutshell: The TCPP is basically Twitter’s way of saying, “Hey! We like what you’re doing with our data. Here’s a gold star.” Sorta like Facebook’s Preferred Developer Program.

But more than that, it’s Twitter’s way of signaling to every other developer out there that this is the sort of stuff you should be doing with Twitter’s data. Helping businesses figure out how to make good tweets, or creating products that help with understanding the mess of data flowing through Twitter’s pipes on a minute-by-minute basis.

That’s important for the entire ecosystem of folks who rely on Twitter’s data. After Twitter made it clear that it doesn’t want developers creating third-party Twitter clients — like, say, Tweetbot — the company has been making an effort to guide developers in the “right” direction.

Of note: Twitter has hired a new guy, Zach Hofer-Shall, to manage the program. I’d imagine that quite a few Twitter-focused companies are interested in getting Twitter’s “thumbs-up” (or should I say, “favorite”?), so Hofer-Shall will deal with all of those incoming requests.

Hit up Twitter’s blog post for a full list of the new companies added to the program.

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