Dish Bought Blockbuster to Open Wireless Stores

“Because we got delayed on wireless, it hasn’t worked out exactly as we planned,” Chairman Charlie Ergen said in an interview at D: Dive Into Media.

Charlie Ergen on Dish’s Company Culture: It’s Not That We’re Mean, It’s That We’re Like an Indiana Jones Movie

The so-called meanest boss in America defends himself.

Dish Chairman: “I Think People Are Cutting the Cord”

“I think we ought to be hooking people on pay TV when they are young,” Charlie Ergen said at D: Dive Into Media. “If we are getting run out of town, I want to get in front of that.”

Dish Chairman Ergen on Why the Company Needs a Wireless Network, Anyway

The company would have liked to have built its own network, but since getting its license has taken so long it may need to partner.

Dish’s Charlie Ergen Says He Doesn’t Want to Kill Ads, for Real

“I don’t want to kill ads. I also don’t want to put my head in the sand,” said Ergen.

David Eun Explains Samsung’s Silicon Valley Invasion

Samsung makes a wide variety of devices — smartphones, televisions, refrigerators. What happens when you connect them all together?


I think the outside world is more obsessed with our relationship with Apple than we actually are.

— Samsung Executive Vice President David Eun, in conversation at D: Dive Into Media

Groupon Has Acquired MashLogic and Is Shutting Down Its Note-Taking Service

Another acquisition to help build out the daily deal company’s tech team.
groupon_tv screens

Setting Up Shop in the Valley and NYC, Samsung Aims to Boost Its Software Side

Samsung’s new open-innovation center aims to court precious developers.

Anomaly Productions Brings Interactive Twist to Graphic Novels

At D: Dive Into Media, Anomaly Productions shows how it’s using tech to create a more immersive reading experience.

Time for iWatch (Comic)

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