Craving a Samoa? Download the Girl Scout Cookie App and Find the One Nearest to You.


Thin Mints have gone mobile.

Even though it’s the largest girl-led business enterprise in the world, with a $750 million business, the Girl Scouts’ longtime tradition of selling cookies has remained one of the more analog operations around.

But, as of last week, the new Girl Scout cookie app is now available for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones. It shows users how to buy cookies from scouts, meet all 16 types of cookies and, most importantly, find the nearest Samoa by letting you know when and where the closest cookie booth is set up.

“We know that people love these tasty treats, but we really want them to realize that these girls learn some incredible skills,” said Girl Scout USA spokeswoman Michelle Tompkins.

More than just satisfying your sweet tooth, Tompkins said, buying a box of cookies supports the Girl Scout cookie program, which teaches the girls goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

“We made sure that our app this year touches the five skills that girls learn,” said Tere Stouffer, Girl Scouts’ digital content strategist. “We have evidence that as the girls sell cookies, these are the skills that they learn, and what we consider critical life skills.”

In addition to upping their online media presence, Girl Scouts overhauled the classic look of the boxes, which is the first major redesign since 1999, and adds more digital information for consumers.

Thankfully, according to the Girl Scouts, the Carmel deLites taste the same.

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