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When an iPad Isn’t Enough


I gave my wife an iPad for Christmas and she is delighted with it. Unfortunately, I discovered that it would be useless for my purposes. I would need a tablet that acts like a desktop or laptop but is smaller and lighter. Specifically, I would need a tablet that would allow me to have three browsers open and visible on the screen simultaneously. Are there any tablets that would allow me to do this?


I’d suggest you look at one of the new Windows 8 tablets that are powered by a laptop-class Intel processor and can run full, standard Windows. Perhaps the best known of these may be Microsoft’s Surface Pro, but there are others. You can see some of them at http://tinyurl.com/d2j5bay.

A warning, though: These tablets are typically heavier, pricier and have less battery life than an iPad.


Is Windows 8 now reliable? I want to invest in a good desktop, however having gone through the Vista version I am skeptical. Have YOU invested in Windows 8?


Windows 8 has its flaws, such as a confusing dual interface and a lack of apps for the new tablet-like Start Screen. But in testing numerous Windows 8 computers, I haven’t found it to be unstable or buggy, at least in new machines. And, yes, I own a Windows 8 laptop and tablet.


Any suggestions about simple ways to delete photos from an iPad? There’s no trash-can icon available when operating in the photo function.


It’s actually very easy, though not obvious. You just open the standard Photos app, press Edit in the upper right corner, select the photo or photos you want to delete (a check mark will appear on the selected images) and then select the red “Delete” button at the upper left.

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