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How to Troll Your Friends With Fake Tweets


Say hello to the troll of the day.

A single-serving pop-up site, Let Me Tweet That For You, made the rounds on Friday morning, allowing users to create fake tweets that look like they’ve been sent from other Twitter users’ handles.

Pretty straightforward: Visit the site’s front door and type in the handle of the person’s account you want to create the fake tweet under. The site looks the person up, pulls their profile avatar and adds it to the fake tweet. Then you enter whatever message you want, and the fake tweet extension is created. From there, you’re able to tweet out a link that directs others to the fake tweet in question. (See my example above.)

Poynter, which first spotted the site, notes that it’s a creation of New York City-based marketing firm OKFocus, which aims to “mimic the non-design of fun generators during the Myspace times.”

It’s not exactly the perfect saboteur’s weapon; clicking through to the landing page clearly shows that the site is dedicated to creating fake tweets. And a quick trip over to the person’s Twitter profile will tell you whether they actually sent the tweet in question.

Still, I’d imagine that Twitter won’t be too psyched about a page like this. The site uses Twitter’s API, which means Twitter could cut it off at any time it sees fit. I’ve emailed Twitter for comment, but haven’t heard back yet.

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