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Garrett Camp’s Expa Aims to Channel StumbleUpon and Uber Lessons Into New Companies

After co-founding StumbleUpon and Uber, Garrett Camp wants to do more of the same: Generate ideas, make prototypes and turn them into companies.

garrett_camp_featureHis newly formed Expa will be akin to startup generators from serial entrepreneurs like Evan Williams’s Obvious and Max Levchin’s HVF, Camp said.

“I’ve been sort of doing this informally but I figured I should formalize it,” said Camp, who recently helped launch BlackJet, an Uber-like company for snagging rides on private jets. “I want to use these observations about everything I’ve learned.”

Camp said he expects to make mobile apps around “media, location, data analytics, smartphones and sensors” and other themes, while admitting that those ideas are indeed vague and trendy.

More specifics will come in a matter of months, when his first app launches, Camp said.

“At Stumble, I tried to be CEO for a long time, but the early product stuff is what I’m really best at,” Camp added. He said he hopes to start these companies and then hand them off to a co-founder, while maintaining the role of executive chairman.

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