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Can a “Photon Shower” Help Ease Jet Lag? We Try It Out at D11. (Video)

This year’s D: All Things Digital conference featured a whole bunch of interesting demos, from a fertility app to a “smart” door lock to a wristband that gets you high-tech access inside Disney theme parks.

But one of the most out-there contraptions didn’t appear onstage; rather, it was set up in the hallway and aimed squarely at the jet-setting crowd.

Called a “photon shower,” this Delta-created booth washes brave entrants with blue light to help them get their sleeping schedules straight after long flights. “Bathing in light can alter natural circadian rhythms to help people recover from jet lag,” the signs around the booth claim.

If you’re sold on the idea, unfortunately, the photon shower is still a concept and can’t be found at airports. But you can get a glimpse of it in the video below:

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