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Here’s the ITC Order Banning Some Older iPhones and iPads

The U.S. International Trade Commission — the body with the power to ban the import of products based on patent infringement — ruled Tuesday that some older versions of the iPhone and iPad infringe on patented Samsung technology.

In the ruling, the commission found that Apple violated two claims of one patent, but did not infringe on three others. The patent, No. 7,706,348, has to do with encoding and decoding a particular wireless protocol.

The body rejected Apple’s contention that Samsung had breached its duties with regard to licensing the technology on fair and reasonable terms.

HP, Cisco and Micron Technology, along with various trade groups, had weighed in on the standard licensing questions after the body requested more commentary on that in March. However, it clearly wasn’t swayed to Apple’s position.

One commissioner did dissent from the ruling on public interest grounds.

Samsung, naturally, praised the ruling, while Apple said it will appeal the decision, which can now be overturned only by a federal court or President Obama.

Here’s the ruling itself:

ITC rules some Apple iPhones and iPads infringe on Samsung patents

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