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Lululemon Posts a “Help Wanted” Sign You Can’t Miss

Looking to hire a CEO?

Sure, you could hire headhunters, or maybe troll LinkedIn. But if you’re running a big retail company with a big website, why let that valuable real estate go to waste?

Hence this message, on Lululemon Athletica’s home page that went up a few days ago:

lululemon help wanted

Gets the point across, no?

If you click through, you’ll get to a job description page filled with all sorts of fairly clever one-liners. And if you keep going after that, you will indeed get an opportunity to upload your resume, via … LinkedIn, of course.

The company has received 160 applications so far, said CNNMoney.

Lululemon, of course, needs a new CEO because Christine Day, who has the job right now, is stepping down. Given that the apparel company recently made headlines for a disastrous wardrobe malfunction, you might think that Day is stepping down because of the see-through yoga pants problem.

Not so, she told Fortune. But she’s quite coy about why she is leaving, and isn’t bothering to trot out the “spend more time with my family line.” Here’s what she told Fortune — or rather, what she didn’t tell them:

“My values include discretion. While I know everyone would like to know ‘the reason’ [I’m leaving] there are some things that should remain private because the truth is the good things outweighed the bad and by being respectful and grateful one can remember that.”

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