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ThousandEyes Aims to Ease Solving Cloud Performance Problems

thousand_eyesToday’s a day for enterprise-focused companies to be coming out of stealth. The latest is called ThousandEyes, and its aim is to address a peculiar problem that emerges in the era of cloud computing.

As so many enterprise applications have migrated off-premise and into the cloud, companies that use them are a little bit at the mercy of their SAAS providers when those applications go down. If has a performance issue, you’re sort of stuck watching its performance dashboard and waiting until the issue is resolved. The situation is essentially out of the enterprise’s control.

Backed by a $5.5 millon investment from Sequoia Capital, ThousandEyes aims to make it easier to solve those problems. CEO Mohit Lad told me that performance management products that enterprises have available to them today are generally blind to everything outside the corporate firewall.

ThousandEyes has technology that provides some visibility into the many layers involved with delivering an application and all its connecting tissue, making it easier to track down the source of the problem.

If that doesn’t get the job done, there’s a capability to provide deep path analysis to show in pretty surgical detail the path running between you and the cloud provider. There’s also a tool that will let you share information about the service problems with other members of your team around the world, so you can easily compare notes and get the problem solved faster.

It already has a pretty impressive roster of customers: Cloud services provider Equinix, cloud-based productivity app Evernote, travel site Priceline, ServiceNow, Twitter, Zendesk and Zynga.

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