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Moto X Launch Event Is August 1

MotorolaMotorola just sent out invites to the launch of its much-anticipated superphone, the Moto X.

Details are few, but the event will be held in New York on August 1. This is to be the first fully overhauled release in the Motorola product line since Google bought Motorola Mobility in 2012.

Moto X is being assembled in the United States, and Motorola tweeted from the product floor yesterday that it was already in progress.

Speaking at our D11 conference in May, Motorola head Dennis Woodside gave a bit of a preview of the phone — though he wouldn’t take it out of his pocket.

Moto X will be laden with sensors that are tightly integrated into the phone and draw little power, Woodside said. For example, the phone will know when it’s taken out of someone’s pocket. And in a car traveling 60 miles per hour, the phone will act differently so a user can interact with it safely.

He also noted that the always-on, battery-friendly sensors were in part inspired by Motorola’s work on its Motoactv watch.

On Google’s earnings call yesterday, CEO Larry Page said he was excited about the release, but held back from going into specifics.

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