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The ZuckerPAC Backs an Uplifting New Immigration TV Spot

Fwd Ad Serve

Chalk another one up for FWD.us’s image.

The political group, founded by Mark Zuckerberg and backed by a cadre of tech superstars, didn’t receive the warmest national welcome after debuting months ago.

Now, the group is in the midst of trying to reshape the way the public sees it in a press push that includes its most recent, uplifting ad — a positive, pro-immigration piece highlighting an undocumented immigrant’s story in a 60-second spot.

The ad, entitled “Serve,” is narrated by a young man named Alejandro Morales, an immigrant to the U.S. who wishes to join the U.S. Marines, but cannot due to his undocumented status.

You’ll notice that the ad says absolutely nothing about H1-B visas to recruit more highly skilled tech workers from overseas, arguably the cause that many perceived to be FWD.us’s primary purpose from its outset. This ad, coupled with partnering with the Silicon Valley premiere of Jose Antonio Vargas’s immigration reform documentary earlier this week, is yet another of Fwd’s steps to bolster the image it wanted to have from its inception: “Comprehensive immigration reform,” not just for tech workers.

The ad will run on cable outlets, the Web, and 13 major TV broadcast outlets across the U.S. Check out the minute-long spot below.

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