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The Next Version of iOS and the iPad Mini


I want to purchase an iPad mini but have heard that a new operating system could be coming out soon, plus possibly a newer version of the hardware. I would appreciate your advice.


There is definitely a new version of the operating system coming out in September. It will work on the current iPad mini and give it additional features. There are rumors Apple is working on a new model of the Mini, perhaps with an enhanced screen, but I have no confirmation of those rumors.


Can you turn off the feature on the Motorola Moto X that says you have a message or who’s calling, by talking out loud? Like most people, I like that about the Moto X, but I don’t always want people knowing my business.


Yes, you can turn this feature on or off. Even when on, it’s designed to operate only while you’re driving. Most of the voice features of this phone are about accepting voice input from the user, not reading aloud private information. But you can use the phone without ever using so-called touchless control via voice.


I’m a cable customer with all the premium channels, DVR, etc. If I get the TiVo Roamio you reviewed, can I still get everything without having to pay the monthly rental fee to the cable company?


Yes, sort of. You don’t have to rent the cable box they provide, because the TiVo replaces that. But you will have to get a card, called a cable card, to insert into the TiVo so it works with your cable company.

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