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The Best Tech News Site That Isn’t a Tech News Site That Didn’t Exist Yesterday

howard beale networkThere are lots of places to get a day’s worth of comprehensive tech coverage.

Like the site you’re reading now, for instance. And Techmeme does a bang-up job of telling you what most tech sites are writing about at any given minute.*

But if you want to understand the gestalt of current tech coverage — the things that tech reporters and pundits are really saying, even when we’re not saying it — then there’s one place you should be looking.

Oddly enough (or maybe not), it’s not a tech news website. Also odd: It didn’t exist 24 hours ago.

Techmeme Heds is a truth-telling Twitter feed that started transmitting yesterday afternoon. Its bio describes its author as “An Honest Techmeme Headline Editor.”

It is awesome.

Some samples:





It would be reasonable to guess that Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera was running Techmeme Heds himself, in an act of incisive self-hatred. He said this is not true.

Whoever it is spends a lot of time closely reading — and likely writing and/or editing — a lot of tech coverage. Perhaps you?

In any case, it is great, in a knowing and quietly angry way. My only complaint is that at the rate Techmeme Heds is producing — 51 Tweets in 21 hours — it may exhaust itself over the weekend, like a glorious shooting star.

But I hope it sticks around, at least through Tuesday afternoon.

* Spoiler: Almost always Apple.

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