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Here’s the Dumbest Apple Story You Will Read Today

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You should be doing better things on your Sunday than reading about a frivolous/cynical suit filed against Apple.

So please, go do that.

You’re still here?

Okay, then, you asked for it: Someone who claims Apple has ripped him off by not giving him enough episodes of “Breaking Bad” has filed a putative class action suit against the company.

The details are too banal to repeat here, but in short: A bunch of iTunes users thought they had bought 16 episodes of AMC’s awesome show last summer. It turns out Apple only intended to credit them for the 8 episodes that ran last year, and wants to charge them to watch the eight that started running last month (and are awesome).

In a rational world, Apple’s complainers would realize that someone at the company’s iTunes store did a bad job of labeling the offer. But they would also realize that the offer they thought they were getting was too good to be true — if Apple really was going to give them 16 episodes for $21.99, that would have represented a 50 percent discount on the single-episode price, which Apple never offers.

Oh jeez. Lookit that. I’ve gone into detail, after all.

If you want even more (and you shouldn’t), you can read the full complaint here, courtesy GigaOm’s Jeff John Roberts.

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