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Chair Entertainment Founder: “I Cannot Wait” for Physical Controllers for iPhones

mustard ib3At Apple’s iPhone 5c/5s event on Tuesday, Chair Entertainment co-founder and creative director Donald Mustard debuted Infinity Blade 3, the newest game in the popular iOS sword-fighting series. Naturally, he’s making the rounds this week to talk about the new game and how it takes advantage of the iPhone’s hardware … but that’s not stopping him from hinting at more to come.

Mustard characterized Infinity Blade 3 as a “statement” of the power of touchscreen design, saying the series “spawned a whole new genre of game.” However, absent from the iPhone event this week was an update on how iOS 7 will support physical game controller peripherals, one of the features mentioned at this year’s WWDC keynote.

Mustard said he’s excited for that eventuality.

“I cannot wait for the day when we can make a mobile game that’s supported by a more traditional controller,” he said.

He said fans have asked him when Chair would make a touchscreen version of one of its pre-Infinity Blade games, Shadow Complex. The answer: never!

“Shadow Complex wouldn’t be good with touchscreen controls,” Mustard said, adding that Infinity Blade would not work as well on Xbox. If Chair makes a mobile game for a physical controller peripheral, he said, it “would want to design the experience from the ground up.”

It would also be possible to have a mobile game that combines both forms of control, he mused.

In the meantime, though, Infinity Blade 3 at least looked good in Mustard’s demo. The battle he showed off on the iPhone 5s featured an imposing and smoothly animated dragon, which was far larger than the game series’ previous bosses. Although the dragon will look best on the 5s, it and other animations in the game will still look “awesome” on the iPhone 4, Mustard said, calling the latter device “still pretty damn powerful.”

IB3 will cost $6.99 when it goes on sale for iOS devices on Sept. 20, timed to the launch of the 5c and 5s.

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