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Hey @DickC: How I Spent My Night Before the Twitter IPO


Okay, I was bored with all these inane price news updates on Twitter’s IPO tomorrow — Is is $24? Is it $25? No, $26! — as if the fate of the Internet world depended on it.

And I was tiring of reading debates over whither the social microblogging post-offering, and the how-in-the-world-could-it-do-well-without-profits hand-wringing. (Twitter, meet Amazon!)

And I could not endure any more about the co-founders fighting as if this were a geek version of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” (That said, co-founder Jack Dorsey is totes Kim.)

So I decided to pen a series of fictional (and hopefully funny) tweets to CEO Dick Costolo, with whom I have had many entertaining interviews, hysterical emails and enjoyable conversations over the years, because he likes a good joke.

I was riffing off the fantastic “Hey Girl”/Ryan Gosling meme on Tumblr.

Some on Twitter definitely enjoyed my tweets, some thought my account had been hacked (nope!), and some thought me drunk (no, sadly, I never imbibe). And some tsk-tskers did not like my humor at all, which is the price of doing business on my favorite Internet medium until Instagram arrived (now I love them both equally, just like my kids).

By the way, I did a similar thing around the Facebook IPO filing, in a 2012 piece titled: “Go the F**k Back to Sleep, Silicon Valley: Facebook IPO Likely to File Later Today at Earliest.”

Now I need to take my own advice.

But if you are still up waiting for the IPO and you care to read them, here are the tweets, in order:

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