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Twitter Asks You How You Use Twitter While You Watch TV, While You’re Watching TV and Using Twitter

As we’ve noted many times, Twitter is very interested in linking itself with the TV business. (Facebook too, but that’s a different story.)

And as we noted last month, Twitter has recently started asking its own users if they connect Twitter with TV, via online surveys.

Here’s a new survey, which is even more direct about the Twitter/TV linkup. This comes to us via Eli Langer, a social media producer at CNBC, and what’s most interesting is that it:

  • Is explicitly about watching football and using Twitter, and that
  • The invitation to participate in the survey showed up in Langer’s feed shortly after kickoff during last night’s “Monday Night Football” finale.

Here’s the query:

want to take a survey


And here’s the four-part survey, which seems pretty self-explanatory:

why do you use twitter when you watch tv


most likely:3


And, for what it’s worth, sometime late last night, my feed filled up with football.

hello we are watching the footballs now

Hey! Before you go: On the off chance that I don’t type at you any more this year at this website, may the rest of your 2013 be filled with things you like and love. See you soon.

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— Author Tim Kreider on not getting paid for one’s work