Class in Session! Google School Opens This Fall.

Published on August 26, 2009
by Peter Kafka

backtoschoolGoogle famously doesn’t give “guidance” to Wall Street analysts. But starting next month, the company will be giving them lessons. It will be offering a series of “educational webcasts for investors and financial analysts…intended to provide investors greater insight and information on selected areas of Google’s business and operations.”

Best-case scenario is that this will be a huge help to people who pay attention to Google (GOOG) for a living but who remain baffled about some of the most basic parts of its business. So if you know anyone like that (ahem), make sure he tunes in.

One small issue: Google U’s first class will be held Sept. 9 at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific. Which means it is almost certain to overlap with Apple’s (AAPL) Sept. 9 keynote. But no worries: The Webcast will be available on replay. And there’s no pop quiz.

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