ITC Will Investigate Another Apple Complaint Against HTC

Published on August 9, 2011
by John Paczkowski

Bad news for HTC. The U.S. International Trade Commission has agreed to investigate another of Apple’s patent-infringement complaints against it.

The agency, which has the power to block imports, said Tuesday that it will review Apple’s claim that the Taiwanese company’s Flyer tablet and a dozen or so of its Android smartphones violate five of its patents.

The ITC’s move to review the complaint follows a July decision which found that the company had violated two of 10 patents Apple asserted against it in a March of 2010 complaint.

So a tough break for HTC, though the company continues to profess its innocence and insists it has been unjustly persecuted by Apple.

“HTC respects intellectual property and will continue to protect and defend its protected innovations,” Grace Lei, the company’s general counsel, said in a statement. “We will fully cooperate with the ITC’s investigation and look forward to showing that we are not in violation of any of Apple’s patents.”

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