Verizon's Smart-Phone Talks: What's Real?

Published on April 30, 2009
by Amol Sharma

Given the buzz surrounding Verizon’s (VZ) smart-phone efforts lately, it’s useful to review all the recent reporting and size up what looks most likely.

The CDMA iPhone: Some publications have suggested that Verizon is discussing with Apple the possibility of making a version of the iPhone to run on the carrier’s existing CDMA network. USA Today reported this in a story earlier this week, and the New York Times (NYT) echoed it, even as it noted why this idea makes no sense. CDMA is essentially a U.S. technology used by Verizon and Sprint (S). The rest of the world operates on a standard called GSM. That’s partly why Apple (AAPL) chose to work with AT&T (T) (a GSM provider) in the first place.

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