SanDisk Announces Immediate Availability of SanDisk Suezer Macro®

Published on October 25, 2007
by John Paczkowski

suezer.jpgFlash memory maker SanDisk has apparently devised a means of offsetting the legal bills that might arise from the price-fixing suit filed against it (and 23 other companies) earlier this year: suing the better part of the removable flash storage industry for patent infringement.

SanDisk filed three patent-infringement lawsuits against 25 companies that make, sell or import USB flash drives and other removable flash storage products yesterday, seeking damages and a permanent exclusion order from the U.S. International Trade Commission banning importation of infringing products into the United States.

SanDisk hasn’t yet disclosed publicly the patent(s) at issue here–and there are certainly a number of possibilities— but No. 5,602,987, Flash EEprom system may be one of them. After all, the company has used it for these purposes before.

Anyway … Among those on the receiving end of SanDisk’s suit: LG Electronics, Buffalo, Corsair, Kingston, Verbatim Transcend and Imation/Memorex. “These actions demonstrate SanDisk’s long-term commitment to enforcing its patents, both to protect our investment in research and development by obtaining a fair return on that investment, and out of fairness to third parties that participate in our patent-licensing program,” E. Earle Thompson, chief intellectual property counsel at SanDisk, said in a statement, noting that defendants named in SanDisk’s suits would be offered the chance to participate in its patent-licensing program. “Otherwise, we will aggressively pursue these actions, seeking a prompt judicial resolution awarding damages, obtaining injunctive relief and banning importation of infringing product.”

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