Best Buy Running Out of the iPhone 4S Just Like Everyone Else

Published on October 31, 2011
by John Paczkowski

Add Best Buy to the list of third-party outlets running into iPhone 4S stockouts.

According to R.W. Baird analyst William Power, the device is in very short supply at the big box retailer — if you can find it at all.

“The iPhone 4S was sold out at the vast majority of stores that we checked with, with many stores notifying customers of device shortages in their automatic greeting,” Power said in a research note to clients. “Stores that are located in less densely populated areas were more likely to have devices, but even these locations often only had higher-memory devices. We would note that Best Buy stores have typically been one of the last outlets, behind carrier stores and Apple stores, to have its supply of iPhone devices normalize. This makes the retailer into a proverbial litmus test for iPhone 4S supply, with the current diagnosis being that the demand is outpacing supply.”

Meanwhile, ship times for iPhone 4Ss purchased from Apple’s online store are holding steady at one to two weeks; at AT&T, they’re 21 to 28 days; and at Verizon, they’re 11 to 18 days.

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