Apple’s Share of the 2011 Tablet Market: 75 Percent or More

Published on November 7, 2011
by John Paczkowski

With its competitors unable to field a true iPad rival, Apple’s tablet continues to dominate the market that it created. The company sold 11.1 million iPads in the September quarter, accounting for about three-quarters of all tablets sold to consumers. And with a true competitor yet to emerge, that dominance will likely persist for some time, further reinforced by the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Says Canaccord Genuity’s T. Michael Walkley, “We anticipate very strong sales of the iPad 2 for the holiday quarter, and we are modeling iPad units ramping from 11.1 million units in the September quarter to 14.0 million units in the December quarter.”

That’s a lot of iPads. And keep in mind that the December quarter will see the debut of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet, which some view as a challenger to the iPad, though Walkley doesn’t see it that way.

“While new entrants such as Amazon could disrupt the completive dynamics into holiday sales, we view low-priced 7-inch models as a threat to other Android OEMs rather than to the iPad,” he says. “As such, given our updated iPad estimates, we anticipate Apple will command roughly 65 percent of the tablet units sold into the channel during C2011. However, we believe Appleā€™s sell-through share of the tablet market will exceed 75 percent during C2011.”

It’s looking more and more like Apple’s iPad will follow the same story arc as the iPod, achieving and maintaining market dominance despite its high-end product trappings.

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