Hey, Luigi — Nintendo Builds a Real-Life Mario Kart

Published on November 19, 2011
by Tricia Duryee

Nintendo has built two of the vehicles in the game Mario Kart 7, which launches on Dec. 4 on the 3DS, the portable game system that displays games in 3-D.

With the help of West Coast Customs, the auto body shop known from the MTV series “Pimp My Ride,” Nintendo was able to create real-life replicas of the classic Mario Kart and Luigi Bumble V Kart.

As in the game, Mario’s shiny red go-kart comes complete with a glider attachment for flying; Luigi’s kart is tricked out with a rear propeller for underwater navigation.

Here’s Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, posing in Luigi’s Kart:

And, here’s Mario’s Kart:

The karts will be on display at the LA Auto Show, Nov. 18-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and there is a contest for a chance to bring one home, via GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program.

To win, PowerUp members must make a purchase or trade in a game at GameStop in December.

Early next year, an episode of “Inside West Coast Customs” will show how the vehicles became a reality.

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